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The Sacx approach

We’re a family firm founded on strong values. Our mission is crystal clear: operate ethically and transparently to create consistent value for our clients. Innovation drives us, ensuring we evolve and deliver the best outcomes.

We’re a fully integrated team, covering everything from initial design and meticulous planning to procurement, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Our holistic approach offers an end-to-end solution, including consultancy, design, construction, and facilities management.

Delivering excellent service, maintaining transparent relationships, and ensuring high-quality projects

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We’re passionate about fostering an inclusive and safe environment, empowering our teams through continuous training. 

With extensive experience, we’ve tackled diverse projects in domestic, commercial, secure infrastructure, and government sectors. Our team boasts deep industry knowledge and sector-specific expertise.

From design to project completion and aftercare, our commitment remains unwavering.

What makes us different

We’re often asked what makes Sacx different.

We believe it’s our culture, our way of doing things.

A way that’s always aligned with our values.

When you choose Sacx, you get…

A commitment to collaboration

It is only by working together that construction projects succeed. Our goal is to build strong relationships will all members of the project team and understand your requirement fully.

Nothing less than our best will do

Our company operates an integrated quality management system that is based on ISO 9001 standards, involving regular reviews of effective working practices and multiple checkpoints to ensure your requirements and specifications are met.

A relentless drive for excellence

As a result of building strong long-term relationships with suppliers who share the same values as; we can ensure you get the highest quality and value for money.

Detailed stakeholder communication

With Sacx, you can expect a smooth project run with minimal disruption. We pride ourselves on listening to all stakeholders, during and after the project has been completed, ensuring full lines of communication are maintained throughout.

Strong site management practices

A constant goal of ours is to always be considered a responsible and considerate contractor. Our site management teams communicate with stakeholders regularly on matters ranging from traffic management, logistics, security and project progress.

Safety and security as the priority

We pride ourselves on the highest standards of safety and security. Sacx holds all relevant accreditations for compliance with UK health and safety legislation and the CDM Regulations 2015 while also holding £10m insurance cover.

Aftercare as a forethought

With a comprehensive and committed aftercare service and direct communication with the site delivery team throughout the build process, we strive to make sure our clients and delighted with our work.

Responsible and sustainable

We are currently working towards ISO 14001 and are committed alongside our supply chain to minimise consumption of natural resources, reduce waste and carbon emissions, and maximise recycling rates. But we want to go above and beyond simply what is required of us.

Innovation at our core

Innovation is integral to our culture. We pursue creative, cutting-edge solutions to enhance project efficiency, sustainability, and quality, using the latest technologies and methods to exceed industry standards and deliver lasting results.

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