Health & safety

Health & safety is in our DNA

Every single team member is passionate about health and safety. We live and breathe it to ensure that we all go home safely at the end of every working day, so much so, it’s integrated in our DNA. We all understand that it is vitally important that everyone takes personal responsibility to comply with all relevant standards and our own strict health and safety policy. Our team all have a genuine commitment to health and safety.

Our objective is to ensure that everyone that works on site and in our offices, is treated fairly and with care, ensuring that we all go home healthy and happy at the end of every day.

Sacx office
First aid station

Zero reportable accidents since inception

Our primary aim is to prevent all accidents and incidents with a target of Zero accidents across all our sites and promote our Target Zero culture throughout the company, empowering everyone to take responsibility, don’t walk by and report any observations. 

Our staff, clients and supply chain partners are of equal importance: it’s only by working together that we can ensure a safe site and happy, responsible team members.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable health and safety record and strive to ensure that everyone makes it home safely.

Our systems

With increasing levels of complexity and a demanding regulatory landscape, compliance is more challenging than ever. Embracing technology, we operate a digital H&S integrated management system, enabling engineers and subcontractors to access real time health and safety information and advice across our sites.

All our systems are in line with ISO requirements, and we are currently working towards our iso 45001 accreditations.

Training and advice

We actively promote the upskilling and training of all our staff; however, training is only the start of it. Regular refresher courses and conversations ensure that Health & Safety is always top of the mind making sure it becomes an integral part of every single activity, every single day.

Each site has an allocated HSE lead to ensure that it complies with all aspects of the policy. Clients and sub-contractors are briefed and encouraged to work closely with Sacx so that together, we create a culture that puts health, safety and wellbeing at the heart of our activities.

Let the numbers speak

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