Generator hire & sales

We keep business running day and night

We offer hire packages and purchase solutions that are tailored to your power needs and budget.

Sacx can fully design and install backup power solutions for any type of project or size. We can take into consideration the changing requirements throughout the full construction, handover and occupation phases designing a system that is adaptable for a temporary, prime or standby requirement or any future needs, while ensuring minimum downtime and easy adaptions.

Our solutions are designed to ensure power is always available on-site, designed around construction requirements and future demand expectations.

Our electrical and civils divisions can assist with the installation of new HV Substations, LV Switch Gear, remotely managed Generator Power or simply mains backup solutions offering a full turnkney solution to both temporary and permanent power supply requirements.

Bespoke builds

We’ve designed backup power solutions for a range of clients and sectors. Our designs take into consideration the full project lifecycle and consider future demand and requirement factors.

We’ve worked in conjunction with DNO operators, integrating our backup solutions alongside HV and LV incoming supplies.

It is never a one-size-fits-all proposal from us, specific dimensions, sound levels or specialist lifting, and installation restrictions are taken into consideration when planning the build and installation of the generator set. We’ve installed generators on roofs, in basements and over prison walls; adapted fuel tanks, increased sound attenuation, added specific BMS Controllers or even just painted it a specific colour.


Given the critical demand for uninterrupted power supply, the downtime of a generator or unexpected power outage can quickly escalate into a significant challenge. To proactively mitigate or resolve such crises, we offer a generator rental service. Through our cost-effective generator rental service in the UK, we provide a range of generators. Additionally, we offer various fuel tank options to extend generator runtime and enhance efficiency.

Our Generator Rental Service offers flexible terms, suitable for both extended and short-duration contracts. Whether you need it for scheduled maintenance or unforeseen emergencies, our service is adaptable to your specific needs. Our seasoned service team handles the entire logistical process, from delivery to the commissioning of temporary rental systems. This comprehensive service even encompasses on-site assessments to ensure the safe and sustainable installation of temporary generators

Sacx generator

From welfare power to site power

We have access to a range of generator sizes from 20kva generators to power a site office, trailer-mounted generators for portability and remote locations, to large containerised solutions or Load on Demand Setups to power a full site, building or park.

Our hire fleet is supported by our state of the art 24/7 monitoring platform allowing our engineers to keep watch on everything from loads, maintenance requirements, alarms, fuel levels alarms and GPS locations.

When issues are highlighted, we can rapidly respond to resolve any issues before any loss of power.

Total peace of mind

We also offer the latest technology and load-on-demand setup allowing our monitoring centre to adjust generator usage and setup adding additional supply as and when demand increases while reducing fuel costs.

Remove the hassle of fuel management and delivery arrangements. Our fuel management service can ensure regular fuel supplies are maintained at industry-leading rates. Our remote monitoring technology allows us to track fuel levels and usage in real time allowing us to schedule and plan fuel deliveries around your site requirements.

We’ve taken care of environmental concerns too, with industry-leading soundproofing and emission control that meets all standards, and fully bunded fuel tanks to eliminate leaks.

We house our diesel generators in either a soundproofed canopy or enclose them in 20-ft containers – for enhanced security, durability and easy transportation by road, rail, sea or air.

generator being lifted by a crane


  • Design & build
  • Supply and install of new generators
  • Fuel systems, tanks, bunds, pipework
  • Controls & synchronisation
  • ATS panels
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fuel management
  • Hire of generators, cables, fuel tanks etc
  • Turnkey installation package
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